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`The Seoul Studio Mastering' was opened since 1993 and since then, Seoul Studio produced Customized Console and Pre-Amp with their one and only know-how. And by using the best gears such as Sonic Solution HD, GML, Weiss, HSE... etc., they broke an ordinary concept and showed the differences of sounds. Also they are in process of progressing the value of musical and commercial quality.

Seoul Studio had been participated in over 1500 albums and is considered to be the best mastering studio in Korea, and it's as famous as the other world famous Mastering Studio.


Mastering Gear List


      70 X 4


      Customized Analog & Digital Console


      JBL 4332 w/ Amcron PSA-2
NS-10m w/ Amcron DC-300
PBM8 w/ Amcron DC-300


      Sonic Solution 5.2.1 w/ Quadra 9600
     Sonic Solution HD w/ Power MAC G4


      Apogee AD500, AD1000, DA1000, UV22
Customized Tube Pre-Amp
Customized De-essor
GML 9500 Mastering EQ, HSE EQ
AD100 Tube Leveling Amp, Compressor
Weiss Digital EQ, Compressor
      Sonic Solution
Digital Limiter, EQ, No-Noise,
Umatic Tape Deck DMR 4000, PCM 1630
VMS70 Variable Pitch Cutting Machine
Customized MCI Analog Master Tape Reproducer
PCM7010 Timecode DAT
SV3700, SV3800 DAT
D740 CD-Recorder

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