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Studio A
has the room size of 332 square meters and ceiling of 9 meters which is almost high as a building of 4th floor. The Studio A makes the best quality of music among any other studios in Korea.

It has the advantage that it can retain from the small session to the dynamical session recordings.


 Studio A


Studio A Gear List


    332 X 9

   Control Room

    70 X 4


    Solid State Logic SL4080G-64 VU w/ Ultimation


    Lay Audio RM-411 TAD Component w/ Amcron PSA-2
Yamaha NS-10m w/ Amcron DC-300
Cubic w/ Amcron DC-300


    Protools HD3 Accel 24 Input, 48 Out
    Mitsubishi X850 digital 32tr.
RADAR II digital harddisk recorder 24tr.
D827 Digital 48tr.
A827 analog 24tr. Timelynx, Dolby SR
A820 analog 1" 2tr.
SV3800, SV3900 DAT Apogee AD1000
122 MKII Casette


    Lexicon 480L, PCM70, EMT140
Rev1, SPX900
Midiverb, Sony MU-R201
PE1B, Rush Parametric EQ, API 560b
Aural Exciter Type B, BBE 862 Exciter
SPL Vitalizer
CL1B, Urei LA-4A, 1176LN, 1178
DS201, Valley People Kepex Gate
DPR402, Auban Sibillance Controller
Instant Flanger, H949, H3000se
    TC Electronic
SDE320, SDE330, SDD2000, SDD3000


    Steinway & Sons Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes Piano
Ludwig Timpany, Sonor Drum Set

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