Studio C is designed and set up to work in the concept of Midi Studio.
Studio C has all the requirements so that while working in Midi-Sequence, it can be used just like home studio, to work on vocal dubbing , guitar, bass,.etc as it's needed.

Radar II and Pro-tool24 editor of Digital Hard-Disk Work Station can deal with any kind of editing job efficiently and leads it to the independent and creative recording atmosphere.



Studio C Gear List


           28 X 3

   Control Room

           38 X 3


           Solid State Logic SL4048G (30G / 18E) VU


           JBL 3434 w/ Amcron PSA-2
4406 w/ Amcron DC-300


    Protools HD3 Accel 8 Input, 8 Out
           Otari DTR900B digital 32tr.
RADAR II digital harddisk recorder 24tr.
A800 analog 24tr. w/ Dolby SR
SV3900 DAT
A721 Casette


           Lexicon 300L, Sony MU-R201
Rev7, SPX90, SPX900
DN780, Alesis Midiverb
PE1B, BBE 462 Exciter
SPL Vitalizer
CL1B, Urei 1176
           Valley People
Kepex Gate
DPR402, Auban Sibillance Controller
SDE330, Urei 279 Delay
100B Space Commander


           Fender Rhodes Piano

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