Studio D is exclusively used as the vocal dubbing studio with the advantage that the engineers and producers can work through easily and work in constant condition for the soloist's concentration by shortening the distance between them.

And that cozy atmosphere gives the concentration to all the steps to catch even a tiny mistake that the singer makes.

Also it gives enough time for people to work on their albums with reasonable price.



Studio D Gear List


           10 X 3

   Control Room

           28 X 3


           Solid State Logic SL4032E VU


           Genelec 1031A


    Protools Mix24 8 Input, 8 Out
           Otari DTR-900II digital 32tr.
RADAR digital harddisk recorder 16tr.
SV3800 DAT
122 MKII Casette


           Lexicon 300L, Yamaha SPX90, SPX990
PE1B, Klark-Teknik DN22, DN30/30
BBE 862 Exciter
CL1B, Urei 1176LN, dbx 160A
Auban Sibillance Controller

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